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Welcome to the home of BURNING EXPRESSIONS, fine handcrafted gel candle art!

As you browse through our site, you will discover quite an extensive selection of designs and colors. We offer you many choices so you can add a little bit of yourself to each selection ... gift giving becomes so much more personal! And each candle has its own unique beauty and artistic qualities because we create them all by hand.

We use only the best gel, Penreco, and only top-quality embeds such as real roses, real orchids, real fruit, and many others too numerous to mention! And if the candle is labeled "REUSABLE," it holds a center cup filled with gel ...and only THAT gel burns, never the designs. Then all you do is place a plastic tealight candle inside that cup and burn the same candle over and over again. You don't throw it away when you're done burning it!

Nothing quite lights up a room like a gel candle, and nothing quite compares to the ambiance it creates! And they last so much longer than wax or soy. Enjoy one while unwinding after a hard day or while enjoying a quiet bath. Put one on your dinner table to add style and romance. Or purchase one to give as a very thoughtful, very personal gift! And if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, call us and we'll see what we can come up with together!

Enjoy our site, and HAPPY SEARCHING!

Burning Expressions - Where you'll find the flames that warm hearts